Meet the Team

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Ekta gained her education from Hampstead College of Fine Arts and world renowned film school named New York Film Academy (Universal Studios, Los Angeles) in order to benefit from the basic grounding of the world of filmmaking. Currently attaining her degree in Creative Media Practice from Bath Spa University which has enhanced her knowledge of the subject and second, provided her with an excellent introduction to other areas of expertise such as After Effects. From the age of 18, Ekta has shot a few short films as a part of the educational projects. To lent an outlet to her creativity, she lead a crew of 40 individuals in Los Angeles for her two independent projects - 30 minute horror film and a music video called Mastam Kharabam for “Queen of Music – Afghanistan” (Ustad Mahwash) that was shot in California City Studios. She also benefitted from working in the real world as an Intern for Shed Media and GPI. Alongside her education, she is in a starting phase of launching her own production company called Filmwood Entertainment.

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Lois discovered her love for media when studying it at A level in Jersey. She moved to Bath to study Creative Media Practice to develop her skills further. Her media specialism is editing however she also has an interest in digital media. Lois has worked on numerous editing projects over the years such as music videos, a film opening, documentary and film trailer as well as designing apps and interactive websites. She has recently worked in a small group to produce a short film which won critics choice award at a BSU showcase. She has also had experience working as a runner and assisting the pre production and planning stages of a recycling advert for a local media company which was very rewarding to watch the journey from script to screen. Lois is looking forward to expanding her editing skills and develop her confidence at Artswork media.