5 things you need to do to succeed as a freelancer!

When you decide to become a freelancer there a few things that you need to make sure you are doing in order to increase the chances of being successful in your new venture. It is incredibly rewarding to be your own boss and the opportunity to control your own work hours, however it requires a lot more energy to be a sustainable career.

Artswork Media team member Liam Macauley provides five top tips: 

1. Be social

You need to be on the relevant social media sites and updating them regularly with relatable content, in the current market social media is one of the best places to market your services. With many social media adverting programs you are able to target specific people with your posts meaning you are pushing your services to those who will actually become clients.

2. Network 

This can be a scary idea, however if you attend networking events it can be a lot easier to talk to potential clients as they are also there to find people to connect with to help their business. There are many events and groups who focus on a specific industry, for example I am part of E.O.N which is the Event Organisers Network (Bath and Bristol) which means I get to go to all of their events which bring in various businesses and individuals who are in the events industry which my specialism.


3. Use your connections

Every person you know is attached to someone who could use your skills. Make sure your friends and family know your contact details which they can pass on to anyone who mentions that they need a photographer/videographer. This can seem like you are bothering them to push out your services however when they are able to refer you to potential clients then it is a free and easy form of marketing.


4. Build relationships

When you are working for yourself you need to make sure you make strong relationships with as many clients as possible so that they will become a long term client which is important when work is so flexible and not guaranteed. Having a regular client which will bring in a constant revenue for you is key to not only paying for your living costs but also a way to reduce stress as you will not have to stress as much to find more work.

5. Keep up to date with taxes

When you are working for yourself you have to deal with the taxes yourself to prevent any fines from HMRC. If you are confident enough to keep track of all of your finical records then it is very possible to do it all yourself, however if you struggle with numbers or large amounts of data then it might be worth hiring an accountant who will handle that side of the business for you at a fee.


By Liam Macauley: Artswork Media Team Member 2017/18. You can check out Liam's event filming and photography work here