Top 5 Best Spots in Bath to Capture Beautiful Photos

Molly Bray, from Bristol-based production company: Artswork Media, tells you the best places you can take photos of in Bath.

Bath is one of the most beautiful places to photograph, with the 18th-century Georgian architecture, and vast green countryside that surrounds it, there’s nothing about this historic city that doesn’t scream ‘AMAZING!’


Here is a list of the top 5 places in Bath that you simply MUST take a photo of!

1. The canals:

The canals in Bath are a peaceful and tranquil place to adventure to, whether you spend a whole day exploring the many different routes you can take to walk along them, or if you’re simply taking your family there for a picnic.

2. The Crescent and Circus:

With the Crescent built between 1767 and 1774, and the Circus, built in 1754, and completed in 1768, these buildings are among the greatest examples of Georgian architecture to be found in the United Kingdom.

3. Parade Gardens:

Parade gardens is a beautiful park at river level, placed at river level near the weir.
Enjoy a picnic or get together in this beautiful location and let the sound of the weir take you into a state of pure relaxation. I love this place and I think you will too

Parade Gardens.jpg

4. The Abby

The Abby is another historical landmark of Bath, and you can even take a peak inside for free! There are even tower tours every now and again, which you do have to pay a few quid for, but it’s absolutely worth it for the breath taking view of Bath that not many know about.

5. Victoria Gardens

Victoria gardens and the surrounding gardens are simply breath taking. There are plenty of places for you to sit, or play football games, you can even bring a BBQ if you wanted! There is also a botanical garden and a lake nearby if you’re looking for further places to explore!

Victoria Gardens.jpg

Don’t think it can get any better? You’re wrong! All the places I’ve listed on this blog are completely free to visit for most of the year! So if you’re a student, or simply someone who wants to enjoy the Bath experience without the Bath price tag, then look no further!

By Molly Bray / Artswork Media Team Member