5 Essential Sites to DIY Your Own Iconic Film Scores

Film scores are vital to the success of films as they help the shots to flow seamlessly together while emphasising the story taking place. Unfortunately, most indie filmmakers don’t have a big enough budget to have someone create a score for their specific film or scene. They therefore miss out on having their own specialised music that fits perfectly to what is happening in the plot. However, with these 5 websites even indie filmmakers can have phenomenal scores to accompany their films.

1. Xhail 

Xhail is an online music generator which is free, easy and quick to use. It creates original scores based on what the user types out such as a genre, idea, mood, etc. What makes Xhail stand out compared to other film score websites is its ability to manipulate the music so that it fits to the action in the shots. For example the filmmaker wants the pitch to rise when an explosion happens, Xhail can do this by adding in high pitched instruments like the piccolo. The only downside to Xhail is that in the end the tracks created may sound very similar, as they use music already composed and blended them together to create unique tracks.

2. Pump Audio (Getty Images music devision)

Pump Audio is a place for filmmakers to get real authentic music which is created by talented yet unknown artists instead of digitally made music which is now being over used. The tracks cost because they have to be licensed for filmmakers to be able to use them, as they themselves haven’t composed the tracks, the musicians have but they are low costing. Pump Audio exists to bring musicians and filmmakers together to create the most appealing film scores.

3. Jukedeck

Jukedeck uses artificial intelligence that is trained to compose and adapt music to a professional standard. It gives filmmakers personalised music that can dynamically fit their needs/wants. This personalisation of music is possible due to the tools that Jukedeck offer on their website. But if you are looking for a score with real instruments used on it then this isn't the place for you as all the sounds for the scores are made digitally.


4. ccMixer

ccMixer creates royalty free music that filmmakers can sample or they can use it to create mashups so that they have specialised music specifically created for their film. Their music falls under the Creative Commons (“cc”) license, this means the website can give their customers the right to use, share and edit the music on the website. ccMixer is a community site as anyone can upload their original music samples from musicians to singers, then anyone can create remixes from these uploads but they have to give credit to the source somewhere in the film.


5. Soundation

Soundation is an online music studio with professional features like recording, effects, virtual instruments and over 700 free loops and sounds. But you have to pay to get more loops and sounds that can be used to create a film score, however you are able to listen to them before you purchase them. Soundation allows customers to either edit their sounds on Chrome Studio which has enhanced performance and workflow, or you can edit with up to 9 people through Google’s Hangout service.


By Carenza Mitchell