Awesome Adventure Photography Shoot with The Mute Collective


This month, some of our crew have been collaborating with The Mute Collective, a Bristol-based clothing company, to produce promotion material for their latest adventure clothing range. Mute Collective’s clothing is made to be durable through the journeys its taken on, whilst also being sustainable to the environment by reducing un-necessary landfill waste in the clothing’s production. Looking to make a positive change to the environment, The Mute Collective are also members of 1% For The Planet, donating 1% of their annual sales towards protecting the environment.

Two of our Artswork Media crew, Beth Newman and Holly Lewis, were given the opportunity to collaborate with The Mute Collective on their adventure clothing collection, travelling to Wales to shoot with Sian Lewis a.ka. The Girl Outdoors, who was modelling the clothing. Sian is an award-winning adventure blogger/journalist who actively travels the globe using her blog to document her travels as well as reviews kit she uses to capture her adventures. Having someone as immersed in adventuring as Sian is within her day-to-day life really made the shoot all the more authentic.  

On the day of the shoot, the crew first reached the River Wye in Symmonds Yat. Here the plan was to capture Sian canoeing in the river. Having only dabbled in sport photography, Beth and Holly both took on the challenge to take on this new style of photography for the both of them. Not wanting to miss any moment of the shoot, they settled on using a high shutter speed and keeping both cameras they had brought to the shoot on high speed continuous shooting. This allowed them to capture even the smallest candid moments and not miss a thing.

Setting out on this journey, the aim was to really capture the essence and thrill for adventure within the photos – having the photos tell a story of Sian’s day in the outdoors. The location was completely immersed in nature, no urban scenery around, and therefore gave a great opportunity of capturing the experience of being in this breath-taking environment.

Wanting to achieve the best photographs, finding a suitable location for the next part of the shoot proved difficult. Trying to find the perfect coastal location required having a bit of an adventure it itself! It was essential to find somewhere that everyone felt was right for the look of the photographs. Even though it took time to find this backdrop, the crew felt it was completely worth it in the end, being able to find a beach with some truly stunning coastal views whilst enjoying their location scouting experience. The location meant that Holly and Beth could have access to capture some aesthetic shots of Sian and Emma on top of the van with the stunning views behind them.

Being on a shoot where you don’t have the opportunity to scout locations beforehand, as well as being thrown completely out of your normal comfort zone, can be rather daunting. However, Beth and Holly managed to handle the challenge and solve any problems that emerged on the day to pull through for the client. When taking their photos on the beach, it became apparent they couldn’t have both Sian and the background perfectly together as the sea became over-exposed when Sian was perfectly exposed. Who’d of thought having good weather on a shoot could have its drawbacks?! Beth however managed to quickly come up with the solution of taking one photograph of Sian exposed and then another of the sea exposed. That way in the post-edit the photos could be blended together to create a perfect image. Being able to quickly adapt to their environment was definitely a great learning experience the crew were able to take away with them from this shoot and added to the satisfaction of the images that they were left with by the end of the day and the client was super happy with the results too. 


Words by our resident blogger Chloe Treasure

Images by Beth Newman and Holly Lewis