Lovely London Light Installation: Photographic Review

Our team members Kerrie Norman and Lois Boyle recently ventured to London to experience a creative light installation:

At the weekend we visited PACE Gallery London, where teamLAB, a Japanese art collective, have just opened a new digital art exhibition. As we are a both interested in digital interactive media, we couldn't wait to get involved in this immersive experience. 

The exhibition, Transcending Boundaries, explores 'the role of digital technology in transcending the physical and conceptual boundaries that exist between different artworks.' 

The installations are displayed across three rooms using projections of various imagery. The main room shows a digital waterfall on the wall which when hits the floor, transforms into flowers and butterflies. Its interactive edge enables audiences to touch these butterflies so they fall to the ground. 

In another space waves are the main feature where the attention is detail is mind blowing.

These digital installations are well worth the visit, with their luminous colours and contemporary forms, that create a multi sensory experience.

The free exhibition takes place at Pace London, Burlington Gardens from the 25th Jan- 11 March 2017.