How To Get Yourself Organised for the New Year!

Start 2017 on the right foot. Take the new year as an opportunity to organise projects coming up as well as getting your work space(s) up to scratch. Here are a few ideas on just where to begin.  

Organise Your Space

Tidy Your Desk

Now is the prime opportunity to make your work space somewhere you actually want to work. Sort through any paper, magazines or leaflets that is building up on your desk and don’t need to be there. Having a work space that is clean is going to make you more productive and focused on your work by limiting the amount of distractions in front of you. Prioritise the work currently on your desk and get in order, ready for when you return to your projects in the new year.

Clean Out Your Bag

Give all your bags a cleanout. Get rid of receipts, empty packets and million pens rolling around the bottom of all your bags. After re-discovering the bottom of your bag you haven’t seen in months, take the time to only put everything essential back in the bag. Not only will your bag have generally less weight to it, you’ll be able to find what you need a lot quicker and efficiently.


 Organise Your Planner

Clean Out and Sort Out Your Phone/Laptop Calendar

Remove any un-necessary notifications that do not need to be there and schedule anything that you know is coming up – get all future plans in order. This will allow you to account for anything you have coming up before making any new plans.

Delete the Notes You Don’t Need

Now is a great time to remove any notes from your phone, planner or your desk that you don’t need. If you’re looking back at your phone notes and you don’t know what half of them are for, chances are you do not need them.

If you’re the sort of person to write yourself a million different sticky notes around your desk, take this opportunity to throw out the irrelevant ones, and organise the ones you still need. Get your to-do in order so you know exactly where to pick back up.

Organise Your Email

Clear Out Your Junk Folder

Put a brave face on and go into your junk folder. There’s probably hundreds of emails stacking up in this folder that you simply do not need to be there. Freeing up this room will ensure no emails will bounce back if your inbox is getting close to full. Before you just hit ‘Select All’ and ‘Delete’, have a quick browse of the most recent emails sat in there – you don’t know what opportunities may have accidentally got caught up in the net.

Unsubscribe from Emails You Don’t Need

You may have subscribed to an email mailing list that you thought would be useful at the time – but now can’t stop appearing in your inbox at least four times a day. You need to accept that you probably no longer need this company to message you and unsubscribe. You’ll thank yourself later when you have six less emails to delete later.

Organise Emails into Folders

Organising client and colleague emails into folders will help you easily find emails that you need to go back and reference while working on a project. Flagging and/or pinning important emails will ensure you can easily re-find them when the time comes and that they won’t get lost in the depths of your inbox.

Organise Your Tech

Clean Your Phone

It’s easier said then done, but make some memory available on your phone. Back-up and remove any photos that are taking up room, delete apps you no longer use and remove music you no longer listen to. This will free up the clutter on your phone and giving you room to take a photo or write a note that may potentially inspire future projects rather than constantly ignore the notification that your phone is almost at full capacity. Your phone is the most to-hand piece of technically you’re going to have in regards to your organisation, you want to make sure everything is organised and in order.

Clear Your Desktop

You don’t need the twenty documents and thirty photos just sitting on your desktop. It clutters up the screen and takes the computer longer to load up. Decide what is still essential and what needs to go. If anything is staying, make sure there is a copy of it saved in your documents before throwing it in the recycling bin.   

The same goes for applications that have been pinned to your desktop. Any notifications that you’ve been letting build-up, clear them. Dedicate your day to updating anything that you’ve been putting off for the past few months and get rid of the million notifications. Lose the short-cuts to the applications you just never use from your desktop, not only is your desktop going to look cleaner but also so much more professional and organised.

Back Up All Your Work!

Don’t be that person that loses all their work and has to start all over again. If you haven’t so already, now is the best opportunity to back-up all your work. Have a back-up on a hard drive AND on an online storage site. Keep it up to date this time! You never know what might happen to your work in the future, it is much better to take the time to keep it safe rather than feel sorry for yourself when something does happen to it.